the bigger protein, smaller waistline

The new research presented at the American Society for Nutrition’s Experimental Biology conference suggests that the bigger the protein consume during breakfast linked to smaller waistline. In the Hillshire Brands-funded study, researchers fed 36 women common commercial breakfasts that were similar in calories, fat, and fiber, but had varying amounts of protein. Breakfast options included: […]

one of my dreams

I was only planning to buy a good, practical and efficient car. It never occurred to me that I would be getting one of the cars of my dream. Truthfully, I wanted to drive Dodge and Chevy But, in our country only Chevrolet penetrated the market and the retail price is way too much. Well, […]

it’s the little things that count

Serious problems seem to begin with small things, and often at early ages. Homes, families, marriages are broken often by little things, annoyances, small acts of thoughtlessness, lack of courtesy and consideration, lack of honesty in little things – small falsehoods, small deceptions in accounting for time or money. The breaking point may add up […]

enjoying the things I love

Being a techie person doesn’t always mean I’m just facing the computer every day. I also find time to relax and enjoy the things I love at home like watching movie, listening to radio and singing at karaoke. Well, this requires me a good center speaker to amplify the music. I know for a fact […]

easing stress from my yoga session

I am really bombarded with the technical problems nowadays which makes me forget about my physique. Yesterday though I was invited to join a yoga class conducted by a well-known yoga instructor in our area for reasons that I have to go back into a healthy shape I immediately said yes to the invitation. I […]

styling our bedroom to look new

Our bedroom was recently renovated and we are looking for some accessories to replace the older ones. We were searching for cabinet hardware knobs which we want to install as soon as possible because the knobs of our cabinets got broken and very old when there was renovation. Anyway we also wanted to change the […]

entertaining and enriching to kids

Giving your child a musical instrument is one of the best things you can do. Children who play a musical instrument develop confidence. It is gratifying to work hard at something and feel yourself progressing. As a child builds their skills, their self worth will increase. Having them perform at recitals and in front of […]