Missing The Old Days

Since it’s Saturday, I’m just lazing around the house while playing COK. It’s just a boring day since wifey did not agree to go out with me saying that she’s busy finishing some assignments. She even makes in-charge over our little girl. She’s been in her laptop for almost the whole day now and even […]

Winter Season is Nearing

Oh my, I’m quite busy with my life lately and haven’t noticed that winter season is nearing. I just noticed it when wifey shut down the AC and it still feels comfortable. Plus, we don’t need to turn it to the maximum level to get a good night sleep. So, it would mean that in […]

Investment for My Daughter

My friend inspired me to invest in a high quality keyboard. It’s not actually for me; it’s for my baby. She is still very young to understand what it is for. But, it is certainly the best time to start saving if I’ll buy it. I still have ample time to save for the casio […]

Not so Healthy Than Expected

I may be part of the medical world, but I’m no different from any other person. I do love to eat and having a sedentary lifestyle. Most of the time, work overloads and overwhelms me that I’d rather curl up in my bed than do anything. I know it’s bad, yet I’m still doing it. […]

I’m Back Here

It’s been ages since I last posted something here. Well, life is actually great and quite busy. We welcome another family member that’s taking most of our time. She is quite a handful to begin with, but she is really worth the time and effort. But, at last I remember I have this blog and […]

brother-in-laws gift

We already assembled our Christmas tree and it’s really great. It gives me Christmas vibes that brings out happiness and excitement for the coming days. Well, it seems like we are just having Christmas conversations for the last couple of days. My cousin invited us to join their party, but I can’t decide yet since […]

The Difference Between Institutional and Industrial Casters

Did you know that the wheels on shopping carts and office chairs are called „casters“? Casters are un-driven wheels that are attached to the bottom of larger objects so that these objects can easily be moved. They come in many different sizes and materials. Small casters on furniture and the like are so-called institutional casters. […]