Shaving Tips for Men

Shave during or after a shower. The warm steam makes it easier to shave. If you do not have time for a shower, apply a warm wet towel to your face or splash your face with warm water for a few minutes before shaving. Work-in the shaving cream or shaving soap into your face before […]

Sparkling Eyes everyday

Tips for Sparkling Eyes with Home Remedies: Place tea bags (chamomile preferably)  In a bowl of ice water for a few minutes, put them over your eyes and relax until they become warm. This refreshes your eyes. Before you sleep, massage almond oil around your eyes gently. In the morning, you’ll find the skin soft […]

saving money from home

Use cloth instead of paper. Use clean rags to wipe everything clean instead of using paper towels. Microfiber cloths are also a great option; they’re washable, durable and reusable. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot. Line-dry when you can. There is nothing like line-dried clothing that has dried in the sun! You will […]

giving your kitchen warmth and character

No matter what kind of kitchen floors you have, you can use small area rugs or a kitchen floor mat to unify your theme or color scheme. For a country kitchen, braided rugs or floor mat with a theme like sunflowers or strawberries can help add interest. A modern kitchen could use a sisal rug. […]

make the perfect cup of coffee

Perhaps you are a coffee drinker or you might know somebody who is a coffee drinker then a Bunn coffee maker must be an extension of yourself existing somewhere in your environment. Either ways you might consider owning a coffee maker for a reason. There are various companies that allow you to make a purchase […]

record music like pro

Nowadays you don’t have to go to a music studio to just record your music pieces, there are a lot of software’s that can be bought only and can make adjustment of voices. But if you need a better quality of music recordings you then need protools the next generation of the best sounding, most […]

planning a movie room setup

Last night wife’y suggested that we make part of our open plan living room into a movie room home theater set-up. We have the big screen 3D TV and media recliners but she wants it set up more of a theater setting. Bringing around that surround-sound system, popcorn maker and some good storage for our […]