Teach Your Children How to Use Public Transportation

Many parents have decided to teach their children how to use public transportation. Some parents do this because it is necessary for their children to take a public bus or the subway to and from school. Other parents do it because they want their children to understand that being chauffeured around in the family vehicle […]

Investment for My Daughter

My friend inspired me to invest in a high quality keyboard. It’s not actually for me; it’s for my baby. She is still very young to understand what it is for. But, it is certainly the best time to start saving if I’ll buy it. I still have ample time to save for the casio […]

it’s the little things that count

Serious problems seem to begin with small things, and often at early ages. Homes, families, marriages are broken often by little things, annoyances, small acts of thoughtlessness, lack of courtesy and consideration, lack of honesty in little things – small falsehoods, small deceptions in accounting for time or money. The breaking point may add up […]

wanted to buy her mom a ring

Wifey wanted to buy her mom a ring before her parents celebrate their next anniversary. She made that promise two years ago, after joking around with her. They are just making some funny comments to each other that end up into making several promises to each other. My girl has her word that’s why she’s […]

having children makes the couples happiest

Previously one economist set out to prove the world that having children wasn’t the way to happiness for married couples, but rather their way of deceiving themselves about what life had in store for them. Despite this, a new study comes to show that children do actually bring happiness and satisfaction in married life, with […]

arranging important things

My brother already finalizes his schedule to come home, December 3 to be specific. This is the first time he will return home after two years of working abroad. For sure he misses everybody especially mom and dad. But, I’m not sure if I can welcome him there. I think I’m the only one who […]

Boredom can Kill Marriages

A lot of people say routine can be worse than love because one grows so accustomed to living with someone else that it becomes impossible to part ways, no matter how badly things are going between them. While this has never been scientifically attested, a new study has just shown that routine and boredom can […]