The Future of Solar Power is Bright

Solar power, as a renewable source of energy, has gotten to an astonishing level of usage within the US and abroad. There is no surprise that solar power is being the number one choice nowadays. With its costs coming down so rapidly, it’s no wonder that many people switch to solar. One of the main […]

The Difference Between Institutional and Industrial Casters

Did you know that the wheels on shopping carts and office chairs are called „casters“? Casters are un-driven wheels that are attached to the bottom of larger objects so that these objects can easily be moved. They come in many different sizes and materials. Small casters on furniture and the like are so-called institutional casters. […]

understanding RFID and what is it

Now that RFID (radio frequency identification) chips are becoming increasingly common and sophisticated. But, many users are worried about the threat they pose to personal information security. It is also increasingly susceptible to hackers, who could steal personal information during seemingly innocuous transactions such as credit-card payments and the use of RFID-enabled passports. RFID—What Is […]

technical translation service saved me

True enough, I had at least a year of engineering course in college. But, that is insufficient for me to understand different engineering terminology. So, when engineering specifications are laid out in my table, all I can see are words or tables or graphs. I just don’t understand them at all. Of course, I will […]

Does Drinking Coffee Really Make You More Alert?

Almost 400 million cups of coffee are consumed to people daily. Caffeine is a stimulant that many people drink to increase alertness. Caffeine increases the functioning of many of your systems, including the central nervous system, suggesting that caffeine increases alertness. However, recent evidence suggests caffeine does not increase alertness, due to a tolerance buildup […]

made its way to the market

Topamax, known as topiramate in generic version, has made its way to the market in 1996. It is known to be an effective remedy for epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent, uncontrolled seizures. Back in 2004, the FDA approved Topamax for treating and preventing migraines. Ever since then, the product becomes one […]

Without Sugar well Help Lose Weight?

When it comes to weigh loss, a calorie is a calorie regardless of its source. Nevertheless, one of the healthiest ways to reduce calories and shed unwanted pounds is to cut back on sugar because it doesn’t provide any essential nutrients. Reducing added sugar from your diet makes more health sense than eating fewer nutritious […]