I’m Investing in Stocks

For quite sometime I am eyeing the possibility of stock investment. I made my research about it, but I’m always having cold feet when it comes to execution of my plans. For one thing, I’m not really sure if I can take the risk and if I do I’m not sure if I will be […]

money saving tips

Financial experts advise that a great way to start down the savings road is to do a complete financial health check. They say this helps you understand where your money is spent, and if necessary, to impose some serious cutbacks. Reduce your expenses • Limit the amount of money that flies out of your pockets. […]

Talents a good source of income?

If your paycheck doesn’t stretch far enough to cover all of your bills and expenses you may need to look for additional sources of money to cover everything. Each of us have our own specific talents. Trying to come up with a one size fits all method of generating more income is next to impossible. […]

Easy Home Business Myth or Reality?

Seeing advertisements about easy home based business opportunities that just take a small initial investment and then you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars a week. Have you ever wondered if these are myth or reality? Have you wondered who these people really are that make all of this money? In this short article […]

Advantage of a Winning Sales Proposals

Whether you like it or not, sales proposals are a tool of the trade, and writing a well-crafted proposal can mean the difference between winning and losing a client’s business, especially if you are selling to major accounts. Decisions can take months. Multitudes of people at different levels in the customer’s organization have input and […]

Balancing Making Money and Being Happy

Set Physical Boundaries – train yourself to shed off problems at work the moment you leave your office. Use the time you spend traveling home to get rid of residual stress. By the time you enter your home, you should have all your work problems shelved inside a drawer that you can only pull open […]

cash for an unforeseen situation

How frequently in your life have you discovered you were in in a circumstance when you had to come up with some cash for an unforeseen situation and your checking account was empty? When you are similar to numerous normal, hardworking people it has been a lot more than just once. If you have to […]