Teach Your Children How to Use Public Transportation

Many parents have decided to teach their children how to use public transportation. Some parents do this because it is necessary for their children to take a public bus or the subway to and from school. Other parents do it because they want their children to understand that being chauffeured around in the family vehicle is not a lifetime of entitlement. No matter the reason, it is important for children to learn how to use public transportation in a safe way.

Teach Your Children How to Use Public TransportationThe type of public transportation that is available in a particular area will determine how parents go about teaching their children how to use public transportation. Some cities only have bus systems, while others have a large subway system. No matter what, children need to understand how to read schedules, pay their fare, and get safely on and off buses or subways.

When a young individual lives in New York City, it is very likely that they will quickly get familiar with the subway system. Parents will need to teach their children how to purchase the subway ticket. Parents may decide to refill the ticket on a regular basis for the child. However, the child should understand how to operate the machine, just in case there is ever a situation where they lose their ticket and are not able to get home. They should also understand how to move through the turnstiles. For the most part, they will have to run their card through a small machine, a green light will appear, and then they will be let through the turnstile.

The same idea applies to public bus systems. Depending on the city and the public transportation system, it is either necessary to purchase a card that can be slid through the machine when walking onto a bus, or money can be given to the driver or placed in a machine that collects the fare. From there, the child will then need to walk through the turnstile and then take their seat.

It is important for parents to help their children get familiar with the subway and bus routes that they will need to take to and from school and to other important places. It is a good idea for the parent to ride the bus or subway with their child multiple times in order for them to get familiar with the route. This will ensure that the child will not get lost and that they will feel comfortable traveling alone.