Winter Season is Nearing

Winter Season is NearingOh my, I’m quite busy with my life lately and haven’t noticed that winter season is nearing. I just noticed it when wifey shut down the AC and it still feels comfortable. Plus, we don’t need to turn it to the maximum level to get a good night sleep. So, it would mean that in a few weeks time it would be winter. So, I have to buy winter bedding for my little girl. She still sleeps beside us, but we are already preparing her space so it means additional bedding.

For now, wifey is checking the CozyWinters special offer. We don’t want to spend too much because we are on a tight budget. We all know a little discount can go a long way especially if you get a good quality product. But, we will not compromise quality for the price so our shopping really takes a while just to get the best buy. We are eyeing over this MicroPlush Soft Top low voltage heated mattress pad because if we buy more we will get more discount. So, we just have to pick the quantity and size. But, I’m also thinking of getting a couple of it for our own bed. I’m not sure if we can still afford it though.