Keeping a Summer Glow

Keeping a Summer GlowOne of the first things people notice in photographs is freshly tanned skin. The right tan can turn pale skin into skin that glows beautifully. A glowing tan is the ideal complement to an evening gown or party outfit. Many people look more energetic and rested with tan skin. There are a few ways to make sure a tan looks as good as possible all year long.

Avoid Tanning at Home
People often make the mistake of purchasing a bottle of sunless tanner and trying to tan themselves at home. They often regret this as soon as the lotion or foam dries. The result is usually dark streaks or orange splotches of randomly placed color. These tans then have to be vigorously scrubbed off before a new tan can be achieved. Instead of trying to tan using an at-home method, consider using a professional salon.

Tanning Bed Alternatives
It can be difficult for those with busy schedules to find the time to freshen their tan. For those who do not have time to use a tanning bed, other options are available. Salons like Sun Tan City feature tanning in a booth that uses an air brush style to create the perfect tan. These tans only take approximately two to three minutes to apply. The result is flawless color that lasts seven to ten days.

Consult the Experts
It can be difficult to pick the shade that a tan should be. A shade that looks ideal on one individual may not look as good on someone else. Each person’s ideal shade will vary based on their coloring. It is best to ask advice from tanning consultants at the salon who have experience in providing guidance. These consultants can help determine the appropriate shade and provide a customized experience.

Following these tips will make sure that skin has a radiant glow for every occasion. There is no need to struggle with foams or creams that will only leave orange streaks. Using a professional salon can make a tremendous difference in the outcome. Tanning coupons make it even easier to achieve the perfect tan.